July 7, 2016

Building Relationships - Back to School Teacher Tips #1

Where has the summer gone?  Time is passing by so quickly and now Back to School is just around the corner.  I am really looking forward to a brand new year. I plan to have a five week series of Back to School Teacher Tips. This is great for new teachers but could benfit veteran teachers as small reminders of what is important at the beginning of each year.  Stop back by each week to see the newest tip!

Back to School Tip #1:
Building Relationships

A classroom culture is created with the positive relationships that a teacher builds with his/her students. It is clearly one of the most important things a teacher should do at the beginning of the year.  You want to get to know your students on a variety of levels: academically, personally, and socially.  The more you know about your students, the better you are able to understand and motivate them. So, how do you start to build that relationship on the first day?

Try an activity like the Mystery Bag.  In a paper sack, have three or four items that represent who you are.  On that first morning, take each item out of the bag one at a time and share what that item means in your life.  That afternoon, send home a small paper lunch bag and ask students to fill it with three or four small items that represent who they are.  At the end of each day, have students sit together on the carpet.  Choose a few students to open their bags and share something about themselves.  This activity is a lot of fun for students and you get to learn a lot about their lives and what is important to them.

Another activity you could do on the first day of school is the First Day Letter.  As a writing lesson, have students write a friendly letter to themselves.  Have them write things like:  their feelings about the new school year, what they will miss about the previous year, what they expect to achieve this year, etc. Collect the letters.  You can read each of them to find out more about your new students. Place each letter in an envelope and seal it.  At the end of the year, pass out their letters.  The students read their own letter. It is interesting to have them share their letters to see if their ideas, opinions and feelings have changed since the first day.

These types of activities help you to learn about your students, help your students learn about each other, and help you begin to build strong relationships in your classroom.

These activities and more can be found in this Back to School Activities, Games and Puzzle Packet.  Click the picture below.


          Activities to get to know your students and begin to build relationships with them.

Fun games and activities for students to interact together and begin to form friendships and connections.

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